Gotta Love Those Accordion Solos

Last night, Tracy and I left the cozy confines of our green plaster house to dance to the accordion until 3 in the morning.

And we weren’t the only ones. The outdoor concert space was filled with tens-of-thousands of grinding, beer swagging, sweating Brazilians. They had all come out to see two of the most popular musical acts in Brazil: the duo Humberto & Ronaldo and the solo artist Gusttavo Lima.

Humberto, Ronaldo, and Gusttavo Lima all sing songs in a genre called Sertanejo, which is basically the accordion-heavy Brazilian equivalent of country music.

Even though Tracy and I did not know a lot of the repertoire, we had a great time. Both acts had great voices, tons of energy, and that ever-important ability to keep the crowd dancing for hours.

Here are links to a few Sertanejo songs that are popular in Brazil right now. You’ll notice that the singers aren’t auto-tuned, which means you can still hear the lilts in their voices, a delight that has unfortunately become rare in American country music.

Balada (Gusttavo Lima)

Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Michel Teló)

Chega Mais Pra Cá (Humberto & Ronaldo and Gusttavo Lima)

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